new song demo…sample by ulrich schnauss. wip. written by stuart/james.
an orlando tune.


a new song…rough mix

the first one using ipad. its a 12 bar waltz really :)

a rather dark song we made inspired by a rather wonderful and disturbing film. Message me with your email and tell me/comment which film influenced Hils to write the lyric to get the free mp3. Made on garageband with an iphone as usual…

We’ve been away for some months. Returning with some new songs now…:) john and hils x

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photo is a treated still from the video for ‘love is a river’:

a song we’ve been toying with for a while, now with bass from andrew henley. the usual living room artefacts and iphone apps - soundprism, sunrizer and alchemy -  a song about a time and place.

not our mise-en-scène really

an unfinished iphone recording…soundprism, thumbjam, sunrizer and alchemy were used.

see the video for ‘love is a river’ here:


love is a river by orlando